Commercial / Rooftops / Apartment Balconies

  • Is your commercial development a sea of concrete?
  • How about converting your rooftop into a relaxing roof garden?
  • Or adding a splash of grass to your apartment balcony?

The advantages of artificial turf that are enjoyed in a residential garden environment are equally relevant to those in the commercial sector. An artificial lawn’s capability to withstand high levels of wear and tear and exposure to heavy rainfall means that it is suitable for both domestic properties and commercial projects.

Architects, developers, and local authorities are specifying artificial turf for areas of high foot traffic or that are expensive to maintain. As live grass maintenance tends to be a hassle for those whose job it is to care for it, especially in fluctuating weather conditions, artificial grass offer an easy care solution that is also appealing to the eye.

Commercial areas appropriate for the use of artificial grass may include outdoor swimming pool surrounds, picnic areas, entrances, parks, paths and path edges. However, you do not have to limit yourself to outdoor commercial property surfaces; artificial grass lawns can also be used indoors just as easily for indoor shop use and hotel carpeting.

SuitableĀ Grass Products