If you’re a golfer, you know how the quality of the putting green affects your game. Bumps and nicks in poor quality turf cause the ball to veer and change pace. You want to practice on greens that are nearly the same quality as the natural grass you’ll be playing on at your local golf course. UNREAL GRASS has artificial putting turf of the highest quality for residential homeowners who need a private space to practice their putting.

If you are a golf course owner or manager, consider how cost effective choosing artificial grass can be. In hot, dry climates where every drop of water is sacred, healthy looking grass can be obtained for a fraction of the price. The cost of upkeep for artificial turf is 1/5 less than it would be if you were to have a natural turf?

Keeping your costs low can do two things for your course depending on your business goals. You can spend your newly saved money on upgrading your course to make it more luxurious for high-end clients. You can alternatively make it more accessible to everyone by reducing the price, bringing in more business. Either way, cutting the costs is likely to give you higher profits and more satisfied customers.

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