The FIH (International Hockey Federation) divides hockey fields into two categories according to level; Global Level (water-based surface) and National Level (sand-filled surface). UNREAL GRASS offers systems for both Global Level and National Level. UNREAL GRASS manufacturer is an FIH registered company, and its hockey systems meet all FIH standards, including but not limited to Ball Roll, Ball Rebound and Impact Response. Their global level system is certified for top-level professional hockey games, such as the Olympic Games and the World Cup.

The key traits of a perfect hockey pitch are colour consistency and surface smoothness. Our manufacturer’s cutting-edge technology ensures second-to-none smoothness that guarantees precise ball control and smooth ball roll.

In addition, our manufacturer also leads the industry in colour innovation. We provide a variety of colours that suit all occasions and tastes. For example, to improve the experience of TV viewers, a unique blue-coloured turf ideal for TV viewing purposes is available.

Suitable Grass Products