• Extremely soft to prevent skinned knees and elbows
  • Certified as containing no toxic chemicals or heavy metals
  • Eliminates muddy play areas
  • Fully compliant with NZ standards for playground surfacing

Any space intended for use as a play area for children needs to fit a specific list of criteria. Traditional outdoor surfaces like tarmac, woodchips and even real grass can prove to be impractical or unsafe in school and playground settings, which is why artificial grass is such a popular alternative. Artificial turf in a playground environment not only looks attractive, but is low maintenance and able to withstand prolonged and excessive use. On top of this, playground grass is also long lasting and cost-effective, as well as safe in the event of trips and falls. By incorporating UNREAL GRASS sub-surface impact absorbing material (Shockpad), your artificial grass installation will meet New Zealand’s standards for Critical fall Height (HIC). Be it a local park, a schools playground, a kindergarden, or daycare centre, UNREAL GRASS will provide the ultimate playing surface for the little ones.

Green HF Colour Range

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